White Sox unconcerned with bullpen ERA

White Sox unconcerned with bullpen ERA

CHICAGO -- Matt Thornton and his bullpen mates don't have much use for the ERA statistic. The funny thing is, ERA doesn't have much use for them either.

Despite ranking in the top six in both batting average against and strikeouts, the White Sox bullpen weighs in with a 4.41 ERA on the season. Still, Thornton isn't worried.

"As a reliever, ERA is something I don't really pay attention to, because all it takes is one pitch," Thornton said. "ERA is something you can't really pay attention to as a bullpen. You look at your WHIP, how many baserunners you're allowing, and batting average against. That's a lot more important than ERA."

The logic is that if the bullpen continues to make pitches and hold opponents to a low batting average, eventually the ERA will fall into place. The White Sox have also logged a pedestrian 89 2/3 innings pitched this year, so there is time for the ERA to come down.

"I really think we have a lot of good arms out there, a lot of guys doing a good job, so I don't see it [staying this high]," Thornton said. "I think Tony [Peña] is in the sixes right now, and in his career he's never been anywhere near that."