White Sox say so long to April

White Sox say so long to April

NEW YORK -- Manager Ozzie Guillen has no complaints about his team's aggressive baserunning, defense or even relief pitching through the disappointing first month of the 2010 season. He simply hopes the hitting will pick up as the weather gets warmer.

But in playing through these tough times, Guillen won't let his clubhouse get down, especially not so early in the present campaign.

"The clubhouse is very loose," Guillen said. "We do everything every day. In the dugout, it seems like it's kind of quiet once in a while.

"They play hard. They play the game the way they should," Guillen said. "They're just not hitting. It's not easy when you're struggling the way we are and be running around and having fun. I know that.

"In the meanwhile, I still have a lot of faith in them. I think the lineup we have can still come through this."