Beckham understands Guillen's comments

Beckham understands Guillen's comments

NEW YORK -- Gordon Beckham was doing a radio interview Friday morning when he had the chance to hear audio of "the clip" delivered earlier in the week by Ozzie Guillen.

In classic Guillen form, the White Sox manager pointed out in Texas how Beckham is not the savior of the franchise, as Guillen seems to think he has been depicted. The 23-year-old Beckham also has "a long way to go," according to Guillen, and won't be "the man" as long as he manages a ballclub on which all 25 players are the man.

Some people took Guillen's comments as somewhat of a shot at the White Sox second baseman, when in reality, it was a manager simply trying to protect his young standout. Beckham saw the latter reason as the true explanation.

"He just doesn't want everybody to think I'm capable of doing, you know, above and beyond what I can do right now," Beckham said. "What he's saying is I'm still young and need to figure out stuff. I took it as the same as last year, where he's looking out for me a bit.

"I have no problem with what he said, not at all. He doesn't want expectations to be too great, too quick. He's trying to protect me a little bit and keep expectations as low as they possibly can be, I guess."

Beckham finished the first month of the 2010 season hitting .235, with four doubles, one home run and four RBIs. He has broken free from those early struggles with two hits in each of his last two games entering Saturday, nothing more than a pure coincidence with his bat getting hot after Guillen's speech.

Playing for a players' manager such as Guillen means answering questions about diatribes from time to time, Guillen dissertations which might seem a little bit harsher than they are truly intended. But Beckham has no issues playing for a direct man in charge such as Guillen.

"I like playing for him, but I like playing in general," Beckham said. "I like playing for Ozzie. But if I had another manager, I would not know any different.

"Ozzie is the only one I know. I like playing for him and being in Chicago and playing for the White Sox and it's fun for me. I'm happy with him here."