White Sox catcher Lucy ready for anything

White Sox catcher Lucy ready for anything

ARLINGTON -- The news of Ramon Castro's injury rehab assignment beginning Tuesday night with Triple-A Charlotte actually was broken to Donny Lucy by his sister via a Wednesday morning phone call. But Lucy only can focus on what's happening in the present regarding his Major League career.

"That's part of the game I can't control," Lucy said of the possible Castro return as the backup to A.J. Pierzynski behind the plate. "Whatever they are going to do, they are going to do. All I can do is do my best up here. I understand the situation so I'm prepared for whatever happens."

Coming into this past Spring Training, Lucy didn't really factor into the White Sox catching picture -- unless that picture involved playing behind Tyler Flowers in Charlotte. But Castro's bruised right heel left him on the disabled list at the season's outset, and Lucy stepped in more than admirably to the vacancy.

From this least-likely scenario of breaking camp with the team, Lucy has hit .333 with his first career home run in six games. He also has gained valuable catching experience sure to help him in future big league endeavors, even if those ultimately aren't with the White Sox.

"Being able to catch in some of these games early in the year, just learn about more hitters in the league and kind of how everything works and our staff, that's really invaluable," Lucy said. "Especially as my career goes on, being known as a guy who has some big league time, that's helpful for a guy in my situation."