Buehrle reaches dubious milestone

Buehrle reaches dubious milestone

ARLINGTON -- Tuesday's setback was charged against Mark Buehrle's ledger, meaning the left-hander suffered the 100th loss of his career against 137 wins. Sitting 37 games above .500 still qualifies Buehrle among Major League Baseball's starting elite, but Buehrle didn't seem quite as certain.

"I'm at [137] and 99, and I'm a great pitcher," said a smiling Buehrle. "But I'm [137] and 100, and I'm [garbage].

"It would have been nice to have that in two digits and not triple digits. I'm not complaining, but it doesn't seem like someone who has that good of a career having 100 losses."

Of course, Buehrle's career ranks among the top five or six pitchers in the history of the White Sox franchise. And the 100 losses actually point up a positive, of sorts, for Buehrle, in that he consistently works deep enough into games to factor in the decisions.

"Your longevity and you are going deep in games and giving the team a chance to win," said Buehrle, as to what 100 losses indicate.