Pierzynski continues to struggle

Pierzynski continues to struggle

CHICAGO -- The ongoing offensive problems for White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski have taken their toll in the form of a few shattered bats following Pierzynski groundouts or fly outs during this six-game homestand.

The White Sox catcher has one hit in his last 26 at-bats and three hits in his last 35 trips to the plate, dropping his average to an astounding .140. But hitting coach Greg Walker figures the .286 career hitter will eventually get back to the level found on the back of his baseball card.

"All I'll say is A.J. is a really good offensive player," Walker said. "When he finds a spot where he's mentally at peace, he'll start to get a bunch of hits. Right now, he's fighting the game, and when you fight the game, you don't get good results.

"He's frustrated and an emotional guy. He's a bad ball hitter when he's going good. But when things are going bad, the fact he swings at bad pitches doesn't help out. When you lose confidence, you miss pitches you should hit. He's frustrated and he'll fight his way through it and be fine. He's my friend, so I hope it happens sooner rather than later."

To Pierzynski's credit, he had a seven-pitch at-bat against Seattle's David Aardsma in the ninth inning of Saturday's win before flying out to center field. That extended effort helped Carlos Quentin and Alex Rios get a better look at Aardsma's fastball and his location.