Guillen downplays managerial significance

Guillen downplays managerial significance

CHICAGO -- The White Sox lineup remained the same after Tuesday's victory, aside from A.J. Pierzynski moving to the fifth slot and Andruw Jones dropping to No. 6. But manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't believe lineup changes are a sign of managerial genius.

"Lineup changes are an excuse for us as to why we make money as a manager. It's a very overrated thing," Guillen said. "That's a powerful thing to do, but it's overrated how you make lineups."

So, what is an underrated factor where managers are concerned, according to Guillen?

"Everything is overrated," said Guillen with a laugh. "You have a good team, they don't need managing. Bad teams need a manager. Good teams just play their games.

"Managers are there to take the heat. They are there to make sure those guys play hard, make sure those guys respect the game and each other."