Teahen likes White Sox expectations

Teahen likes White Sox expectations

CHICAGO -- Mark Teahen has frequently talked about the difference found in season goals between playing for Kansas City, a perennial American League Central cellar dweller, and now suiting up in his first season for a White Sox team with its sights squarely set on the playoffs.

That altered attitude came into greater focus for the White Sox third baseman during the first two games of the 2010 regular season.

"In Kansas City, you always felt like the underdog," Teahen said. "Here, the expectations are a whole lot different, and as a team, we expect to win every night.

"It's fun to go into every game expecting to win. Not to knock what they do in Kansas City, but there is a different expectation here and it's fun to play with that."

Teahen picked up on the difference as quickly as Opening Day. With Opening Day being the one moment when hope springs eternal for all Major League teams, whether they have a viable postseason chance or not, Teahen pointed out how the Royals made it a big extravaganza with fireworks involved.

The White Sox were a bit more understated on Monday against the Indians.

"In some ways, it's nice that it was downplayed a little bit here, although they did a good job with it," Teahen said. "It is just another game. Hopefully, we play a lot of big games, rather than just Opening Day."