Konerko reflects on Opening Day

Konerko reflects on Opening Day

While much of the Opening Day hoopla focuses on Mark Buehrle's franchise-record eighth start, Paul Konerko extended a franchise record of his own. Konerko made his 10th straight Opening Day start at first base and 12th overall, having started twice previously at designated hitter.

Even with all of this Opening Day experience behind him, the excitement is not lost on the White Sox captain.

"You still get butterflies. It's still a great thing. Our club does a good job with it, as most of them do," Konerko said. "It's still a lot of fun. At the same time, when Opening Day is over, most guys are kind of happy to get on with the season.

"There's so much build up to it, and that's really not how our game is. Our game is a more everyday thing. To get built up like a football game, it's kind of a weird thing. But Opening Day is Opening Day. There's nothing like it."

Konerko admitted one Opening Day doesn't stick out over another. But he quickly added that you always remember where it all began from year to year.

"Whether it was on the road in Texas or in Chicago, you kind of always know," Konerko said. "Sometimes you can't always remember the results of the game, or how you did. But you remember where you were.

"They blend in a little bit over the last few years because it seems like we were playing in the American League Central a lot. But there were years where we opened in Seattle or Texas; that sticks out more when you open up somewhere out of the division."