Statement by White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf

CHICAGO - Chicago White Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf issued the following statement tonight after Major League Baseball owners voted Rob Manfred to succeed Bud Selig as baseball's next Commissioner:

"I would like to congratulate Rob Manfred on being named as the successor to Commissioner Bud Selig.

"The process of selecting the next commissioner was about making certain the future of baseball remains as bright as its past. Bud Selig has done a tremendous job during his tenure as Commissioner, and we look forward, collectively, to Rob's stewardship of this great game. The decision to select the next commissioner was likely baseball's most important during my remaining time as an owner, and it was a decision that deserved our full scrutiny, discussion and debate.

"It was our obligation and responsibility as trustees of the game to take the time and diligence to uncover the best candidates, despite public reports that sometimes inaccurately misrepresented and sensationalized our internal discussions. While Rob may not have been my initial choice for commissioner, the conclusion of a very good process was to name Rob as the person best positioned to help baseball endure and grow even stronger for the next generation of fans.

"Everyone wants baseball to flourish. Today's decision was reached by 30 owners voting separately but speaking, in the end, with one voice. We leave these meetings with a sense of shared support and commitment to the future of baseball, united behind Rob Manfred's leadership as the next commissioner."