Ventura looking to give Alexei a break

Ventura looking to give Alexei a break

MINNEAPOLIS -- White Sox shortstop Alexei Ramirez continues to be an everyday feature of the White Sox lineup, as he made his 69th start in the team's 69 games this season.

Ramirez hasn't missed a game all year but before the first half is over, White Sox manager Robin Ventura said he'd like to give his shortstop a day off, but he can't positively say when or if it will happen.

"I think it'll help," Ventura said. "You would like to, but you can't guarantee that. You'd like to get him a day somewhere in here that you can -- maybe even get in around one of those off-days, so you can make it an extra day.

"It might not happen, but I think right now if we were able to do it, Gordon [Beckham] would go over to shortstop."

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