Walker developing feel for running game

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Through two Cactus League games, Keenyn Walker hasn't been able to truly show off his speed. But it's the most important skill among the repertoire of the White Sox's eighth-ranked prospect.

"I'm more of a hit-it-on-the-ground-and-run guy, and get a bunch of stolen bases," Walker said.

Walker topped the White Sox organization with 56 stolen bases last season between stops at Class A Kannapolis and Class A Winston-Salem, but he was caught 15 times. The 22-year-old quickly learned there's more than just blinding speed to become a successful basestealer at the professional level.

"When I was in high school, I just stole bases because I was fast," Walker said. "In college, I learned a little bit here and there, but nothing like I've learned here.

"It's really not about speed. It's about anticipation. It's about knowing situations and knowing when to go."

Devon White imparted important information upon Walker last season. Walker will be working with Doug Sisson, the organization's Minor League outfield/baserunning coordinator, this season.

"Like I said before, I'm more of a speed guy: get on base and let [Jared] Mitchell or Trayce [Thompson] drive me in," Walker said. "Stolen bases are a big part of that. I don't have as much power as both of them. I got to get to second some way, so I just use my legs."