Guillen moves Getz to leadoff spot

Guillen moves Getz to leadoff spot

CHICAGO -- Ozzie Guillen waited just three games to make an adjustment within his batting order.

Actually, the White Sox manager needed just three at-bats from Dewayne Wise during Wednesday's 2-0 loss to the Royals to drop Wise into the eighth spot for Thursday's series finale and move Chris Getz up one spot to the top.

Wise, who entered Thursday hitless in eight at-bats and with four strikeouts, popped up a bunt attempt, struck out swinging and grounded out to second in his final trips to the plate Wednesday. That particular effort caused Guillen to comment as to how Wise looked as if he was simply up there trying not to strike out.

"Like I said, the last three at-bats, I don't like it at all," said Guillen of Wise. "I think he was trying to, I don't want to say [he was] intimidated, but just wanted to protect the plate. I want to get him out of there for a couple of days until he starts to swing the bat better. When he starts to swing the bat better or the way we think he swings the bat, I'll move him back up to see what happens.

"If he swings the bat good and everybody at the top of the lineup is swinging the bat well, I'll keep him down there. But you know, we need those guys in the top of the lineup. So I'll just get him out of there for a few days and see what happens."

Getz's move to No. 1 means A.J. Pierzynski jumps up to the second slot in the lineup. Pierzynski hit .284 with nine home runs and 38 RBIs over 356 at-bats after moving to No. 2 in 2008.

The news of the change for Getz came when he arrived Thursday morning and looked at the clubhouse lineup card. Aside from that written notification, Getz hasn't heard much about the new opportunity before him, and isn't reading too much into the challenge. Getz told during Spring Training how he liked to work counts and hit with two strikes and would not feel overwhelmed at the top of this potent attack.

"Let's be honest. I've been the same player for the last few years, and I'm not opposed to it at all," said Getz of hitting leadoff. "Absolutely, it's another opportunity that the team is asking me to fulfill."

Basically, there isn't a big difference between the approach for hitting second or first for Getz, who reached base in 83.8 percent of his games with Triple-A Charlotte last year.

"You have to get on base," Getz said. "In the two hole, the first inning, you hope the leadoff guy is on base so you have more options in laying down the bunt or hitting behind the runner. But the leadoff hitter won't get on every time. Now being at leadoff, it's pretty much the same deal."

"Ozzie knew and we all knew we might have to be flexible with lineups," White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker said. "It's part of the process of letting the lineup find its level and what fits best. Dewayne had a couple of tough days, but that could change today."

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