Thornton plays catch, remains on track

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Matt Thornton played catch on Thursday, two days after he was backed off from throwing live batting practice due to triceps soreness.

"I think the concern level has gone down," said a smiling White Sox manager Robin Ventura of Thornton. "We're not in the orange area anymore. I think it would be yellow. We're going to go to yellow at this point."

"All we are pretty much doing is bump my live BP back a couple of days," Thornton said. "Do catch, catch, bullpen, day off and live BP. I don't know, we'll talk about that when we get there and see how it feels."

Thornton termed the MRI on his left elbow, which showed him to be structurally strong, as "extremely over the top precautionary." He's guessing the pain is due to tendinitis, which needs to be brought under control so Thornton can move forward.

"Obviously I'm worried about April 1. That's all I care about," Thornton said. "I don't care if I get two or three games in and somehow something else happens. I get two or three games in and I'm ready April 1. If April 1 comes in jeopardy, believe me you guys will know and I'd be worried then.

"I'm fine. March 5 is my first [Cactus League] game scheduled, and right now is not in jeopardy. It's no big deal."