Keppinger unhindered by offseason injury

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- There's a reason why Jeff Keppinger has struck out just 173 times over his eight-year career, covering 2,459 at-bats.

"When I was a little kid, I used to cry when I struck out. I hated walking back to the dugout knowing I couldn't run to first base," Keppinger said. "I felt like everyone was looking at me and upset with me that I didn't hit the ball. So it's something that has carried with me throughout my life and career."

The White Sox are hoping this Keppinger trait carries through into the 2013 season and beyond, with the free-agent signee providing a little offensive diversity into the free-swinging White Sox lineup. Keppinger sustained a broken right fibula upon falling down the stairs at home during this offseason, but reports no Spring Training setbacks from the injury.

"I feel good. The ankle is doing good," Keppinger said. "It doesn't seem to be limiting me taking ground balls.

"I'm doing a little more running to build up my feet. I kind of just followed my physical therapist. As far as I know, I didn't have any setbacks. I'm feeling good and ready to get started."