Classic won't disrupt Crain's spring routine

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Jesse Crain's participation in the World Baseball Classic, marking his third time pitching for Team Canada, won't alter his early routine in White Sox camp.

"Maybe I'll get one game earlier than normal. I don't think it affects me very much," Crain said. "I'll get three games in before I go, so it's not going to be too much different.

"Whenever I go out there, whether it's Spring Training or in a regular game, I go out with the same intensity no matter what. You still have that competitive attitude when you go out there."

Crain reports to Team Canada on March 3, with his decision to play being influenced by Canada having its training camp in Goodyear.

"The good thing is I'll be right next to the facility and stay in touch with [pitching coach Don Cooper]," Crain said.