Sox GM Hahn keeps ear open for potential deals

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Although the White Sox seem happy with the roster they have in place, general manager Rick Hahn continues to look for the next move to improve his team's postseason chances.

"We are continuing to talk to other clubs," Hahn said. "There is sort of an inclination when you get to camp to let everyone settle in and assess where you are, especially from a health standpoint before you go out and make a move.

"Since I've been here, we've acquired Damaso Marte and Matt Thornton in Spring Training March deals. Those are players that can help a championship club. We are going to continue to be diligent and stay in contact with clubs about some previous targets that haven't changed hands, as well as potentially some new ones in the upcoming weeks."

The Indians made the latest American League Central improvement on Monday, by bringing in outfielder and leadoff man Michael Bourn. White Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy, the team's biggest offseason free-agent pickup/returnee, believes the increased division strength should sound a warning sign for his White Sox.

"Those moves are making those teams better, and if we're not motivated and doing the things we're supposed to do and capable of doing, we're not going to beat those teams," Peavy said. "I certainly hope when guys see those teams make those moves, it urges them to work harder and be a little more prepared.

"Our division keeps getting better and it keeps getting better as of yesterday. We believe in what we put together, and there will be some moves along the way if we're in contention to give us the best chance."