Learning on the job, Ventura more comfortable

CHICAGO -- Robin Ventura always seems to look like a poker player with a perpetually good hand, who has the ability to keep the other players guessing as to what he has.

That quiet cool was on display this weekend at SoxFest, along with the White Sox manager's dry wit. But starting his second year at the helm, Ventura looked more comfortable in a position that he showed last year fit him well without any previous experience.

"Coming to this event, any answer I would answer, there was still a little bit of the unknown," said Ventura of his managerial change. "I could answer the question, but not having been privy to it before, there were question marks to it.

"Going through a year where a lot of stuff happened for me, personal things for our team, to injuries, to end of season and being in a pennant race and being an offseason where I know everybody, it is different."

Ventura still feels like a player in that he's starting anew for the '13 campaign.

"Going into Spring Training, it's getting back to the simple things all over again," Ventura said. "I know everyone is talking about the end of last year. For me, for us to get back to that point, there's a lot of work that has to go into getting back to that point.

"I don't want to look too far ahead. The thing that works best for me is to deal with what's in front of you and [general manager] Rick [Hahn]'s job is more moving on to the future so he can help me with that. I don't want to act like I know everything, because I don't. You're always learning."