Sale throws his weight around

CHICAGO -- Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig certainly won't be calling Chris Sale any time soon, probably never, to use him as part of a celebrity endorsement deal. But the slender left-hander, coming off a Cy Young-caliber effort in his first year as a starter, gained 15 pounds in the offseason.

The 6-foot-6 23-year-old exited the 2012 season at 170 pounds and weighed in on Friday at a bulky 185.2.

"I learned how to grill," said a smiling Sale of the reason behind his weight gain. "Hopefully I can maintain that through spring and through the season.

"Chicken, steak, pork, corn, anything. It's been fun. I've been working out hard. I actually got a trainer this offseason down there in Naples, [Fla.], my hometown. He's been great. I go there Monday through Friday and work out, and I've just been eating."

With or without the weight, Sale's goals haven't changed. He posted a 17-8 record with a 3.05 ERA and 192 strikeouts over 192 innings under Chicago's watchful eye. He wants those same positive results in helping the team succeed, while pitching at least 200 innings.

Caution will still be there where the organization's prized hurler is concerned, but there won't be as many extended breaks for Sale in 2013, even though manager Robin Ventura wants to hold off his Cactus League debut until later into Spring Training. Sale's teammates trust wholeheartedly in his ability, even if they don't trust in his weight gain boast.

"I told these guys I put on some weight and they didn't believe me," Sale said. "I told them my shoe size got bigger, that it went all the way down to my feet.

"I'm feeling good. Everything is great. My body feels good, I feel loose. I'm just excited for Spring Training to start and ready to get going."