Konerko to have wrist procedure Thursday

Konerko to have wrist procedure Thursday

Konerko to have wrist procedure Thursday
CLEVELAND -- Paul Konerko will have a surgical procedure on Thursday at Rush University Medical Center to remove a floating bone fragment in his left wrist that has been bothering him to some extent since 2008.

"The sooner the better," Konerko said. "It was going to be the day after the season, whether it be this Thursday or we made the playoffs.

"It was going to be as quick as we could whenever the season ended. I think they had some dates scheduled, kind of tentatively, so that's what's going to happen."

Konerko spoke of having this surgery as far back as June 6, after missing a home game against the Blue Jays to have the fragment flushed to a less painful spot. The 36-year-old missed two games when he had the same painful flushing procedure at the same point one year earlier.

After the 2011 injection, Konerko was not bothered by the bone chip for the remainder of the season. He chose not to have offseason surgery because he felt as if the situation might be under control, but when the chip moved back into the joint during a June 4 off-day, he knew something had to be done.

Konerko carried an astonishing .399 average into May 28, but then hit .241 in June, .231 in August and .242 in September. The .312 average Konerko posted in 2010 was his career high, so that .399 number was bound to come down. But the White Sox captain stated Tuesday that the bone chip or the procedure done to alleviate the pain was not a factor in the aforementioned struggles.

"After I had that procedure done, it hung around a little longer," Konerko said. "There were definitely games we were playing the Cardinals [June 12-14] and the Dodgers [June 15-17] on the road and it wasn't a good time then.

"If something happened then that caused this, that caused that. ... It's a fragile thing when you're talking about the way you feel at the plate. I've been doing baseball for a while and even if that was the case, you should overcome that at some point."

Thursday's procedure doesn't give Konerko any pause for concern regarding future success, other than the fact he's never had surgery before. As for his .299 average, 25 homers and 73 RBIs this season, even such a strong effort doesn't leave Konerko completely satisfied.

"It's really no different than any other year: some stuff you like," Konerko said. "I don't think I've ever walked away from a year loving everything and this one's no different."