Santiago to start Wednesday, pushing back Peavy

Santiago to start Wednesday, pushing back Peavy

CHICAGO -- Hector Santiago will get the call as the starting pitcher for Wednesday's series finale against the Indians, meaning Jake Peavy will move back for one extra day of rest and start a four-game set against the Rays. On Monday, Santiago was on alert in the bullpen and actually warmed up twice.

"They kind of gave me a heads-up to be ready for anything," Santiago said.

Santiago has made two effective starts among his 40 appearances during this rookie season, but has only thrown two-thirds of an inning since Sept. 13. In order to stay sharp, he has thrown pregame bullpens to simulate game action.

"I'm just working on stuff in between, making sure I get work done," Santiago said. "I'll tell the catcher to put a righty up there or a lefty up there and call pitches like it's in a game.

"This is awesome, especially now. We are in the big part of the year, last 10 games, and we are one game up. Being able to go out there with this opportunity and them having trust in this situation right now, it's huge."