Energy level not a problem for struggling hitters

Energy level not a problem for struggling hitters

CHICAGO -- The recent slump plaguing White Sox hitters, who have hit .172 over their last 145 at-bats with runners in scoring position, has produced numerous questions for manager Robin Ventura concerning lineup changes. Ventura plans to go with the players who have brought the White Sox to this lofty perch, although still looking for the best matchups over the last nine games.

Those matchups could mean veteran left-handed hitter Dan Johnson getting a start against a tough right-hander pitcher.

A question that always seems to follow is whether the White Sox just might be tired. Ventura believes that feeling is not solely true for the White Sox.

"Everybody's tired. The other teams are tired," Ventura said. "It's understandable because it's a long season and that's part of what makes it difficult."

As far as the team being completely out of gas, White Sox captain Paul Konerko strongly disagrees.

"That's the last thing I feel actually," Konerko said. "We got a lot of young guys in here. I just don't sense that all. I feel like we're actually in a pretty good spot in terms of our energy and our energy level.

"It's just a matter of executing better on both sides of the ball and getting the job done. I don't feel like that's an issue at all."