Rios tripling his pleasure taking extra base

Rios tripling his pleasure taking extra base

CHICAGO -- Alex Rios' sixth-inning triple during Sunday's victory over the Twins matched the White Sox right fielder's single-season career high of eight. Having enough speed to produce 22 stolen bases helps Rios in taking that extra base, but as Rios explained on Monday, there's almost an art to hitting a three-bagger.

"It's judging how quick the outfielders get to the ball," Rios said. "Like yesterday, that's a good example of [Denard] Span probably thought I was going to stop at second and he picked the ball up not as quick as he usually does. So I saw that, and I had a good chance to get to third because he was so far away.

"Those things you have to take into consideration. Sometimes you know it's going to be a triple, depending on the field or stuff like that. Usually you have to see how quick they pick up the ball and how close they are to second base when they are picking the ball. It's a combination of those things."

Rios has 43 career triples but still considers it an exciting play for more than just the fans watching.

"Definitely it's exciting for me because when I'm turning the base and I'm getting to third, sometimes it's a close call," Rios said. "I'm thinking, 'Am I going to make it or not going to make it?' It's definitely a fun thing to do."