Exercising caution, Dunn misses sixth straight game

Exercising caution, Dunn misses sixth straight game

Exercising caution, Dunn misses sixth straight game
CHICAGO -- Designated hitter Adam Dunn took swings on Wednesday to test his strained right oblique, and the results were a sixth straight missed game. But he and the White Sox would rather be cautious than re-aggravate an already re-aggravated and painful area.

"If it happens as bad as it was ... I'm done," said Dunn, who also missed the Sept. 1-2 games against the Tigers at Comerica Park. "As bad as it [stinks], I'd rather miss today and try again tomorrow.

"It feels fine when I pick up a bat and swing it [in the clubhouse]. Then I go and try to hit, and I don't know if it's because you tighten up or what, but it kind of grabs you. It's definitely not worse, and I do feel better.

"When I was swinging it, I could swing it. I could play, but I don't know how good I can swing. The problem is, I have to swing a 34-ounce bat, which is not that bad until you really try to gear up for it, and it's just not better yet."

Dunn has admitted to coming back too soon after first sustaining the injury in Baltimore the last week of August, playing the first game at Comerica and then three home games against Minnesota from Sept. 3-5.

As much as he wants to get back in and help the White Sox during their playoff push, the team will wait it out.

"You just want to make sure they're telling the truth about how they're feeling," manager Robin Ventura said. "We've already gone through that once, with him saying it feels pretty good to pulling it. The mental stuff happens to everybody, so it's no different for him than it's been for Gavin [Floyd] sitting out and not pitching."

"This is it, this is what you want to be at -- September, playing meaningful games. And not being able to do anything, it's awful," Dunn said. "I'd rather be out there not doing anything than what I'm doing now, because it's terrible."