Quintana proud to represent Colombia

Quintana proud to represent Colombia

CHICAGO -- The winning decision posted by Jose Quintana in Monday night's series opener against Detroit had a little bit of historical significance attached. Quintana's six wins tie him with Angels closer Ernesto Frieri for the most career victories recorded by a native Colombian pitcher.

Sure, that total ranks fairly low, but representing his home country is important to the rookie left-hander.

"It's one of those that I'm actually happy for him, too," said Quintana of Frieri, through translator and White Sox manager of cultural relations Jackson Miranda. "Both of us are having a good season right now and hopefully we can keep it going."

In the biggest game of his Major League career, Quintana showed the poise and guts he has been pitching with since joining the rotation at the end of May. It's a quality picked up on by his teammates, leading captain Paul Konerko to compare Quintana to one of the best big-game pitchers in White Sox history.

"He kind of reminds me of Freddy [Garcia] when Freddy was here," Konerko said. "[Freddy] would go out in the first inning and throw like 50 pitches, shirt is untucked and all over the place and next thing you know you look up in the seventh and he's in there.

"This guy was in A-ball last year. [Monday's] game could have got really sideways early and just when you think he's on his last leg out there, the next thing you know ... . He's just gutsy and everybody just really likes him. He's hardcore."