Danks moving forward in recovery

Danks moving forward in recovery

CHICAGO -- The sling has officially been removed from John Danks' left arm, marking another small step toward recovery from season-ending arthroscopic surgery performed on his shoulder on Aug. 6 to repair a capsular tear and remove damaged tissue from his rotator cuff and biceps.

"I'm sleeping way better with that thing off. It's good," said Danks, who humorously offered to present that contraption keeping his arm immobilized to the media. "I'm glad to be out of it."

In this first week out of the sling, Danks is pushing his rehab a little more and quipped that White Sox head athletic trainer Herm Schneider is working him to his limit and maybe a little beyond every day. As far as baseball activity goes, Danks believes November 1 was the target before surgery. But he'll find out more sometime next week, when he sees Dr. Anthony Romeo, one of the surgeons who performed the procedure.

Spring Training is still Danks' goal to return, even if he doesn't start throwing until early December.

"I'm hoping I can start throwing before then," Danks said. "A normal offseason, I wouldn't throw until after the New Year. But seeing as how I'll be a few months without even touching a baseball, I was thinking if I can start playing light catch or start a throwing program toward the end of November, I would imagine that would give me enough time.

"Like I said all along, this is my first time dealing with all of it and I don't know. They are all pleased with where I'm at. I have to go off of that. I haven't been told otherwise, so I'll do everything I can."