Williams proud of team's preparation

Williams proud of team's preparation

CHICAGO -- Even if the White Sox come up short in their push for the 2012 American League Central title, general manager Ken Williams has nothing but pride in regard to his team's approach.

"What makes me feel the best is no matter what happens this month, I know that everybody in uniform has given us his very best, given it their all in preparation, the study of their opponent in the video room and scouting reports," Williams said. "They talk about ideas, they come out early en masse to work on little fundamental things you take for granted in this game or are considered old-school.

"So at the end of the day, if we don't achieve the goal we set out to achieve, I can't think of a better group I'd love to go down with than these guys. And I mean that as much as anything I've said all year long. We don't want to do that. We want to be the last club standing but in the event that we're not, I will walk in and thank everyone in uniform for their efforts."

Kevin Youkilis, who contributed to a pair of World Series titles with Boston, stressed series victories once again as being crucial for this special group to reach the playoffs.

"We still have to keep fighting. We need to try to make it where we're not having a rough batch here on out," Youkilis said. "We got to have as many series as possible going forward. If we do, we'll make it to the playoffs."