Peavy helps local kids gear up for school

Peavy helps local kids gear up for school

CHICAGO -- Jake Peavy did a little back-to-school shopping with children from the Union League Boys & Girls Club of Chicago on Tuesday morning while also signing autographs and taking pictures with the attendees.

The group visited Staples, which donated bags full of school supplies to the Jake Peavy Foundation. Staples also made donations to the Peavy Foundation and the Union League Boys & Girls Club on Peavy's behalf.

It's an activity that Peavy did for the first time in Chicago, after hosting similar events in San Diego and back home in Alabama.

"Unfortunately, a lot of these kids don't have the means to go out and get a new bookbag or get the school supplies," Peavy said. "If you could see how excited they were to get lunchboxes with cartoon characters on it, some nice pencils and pads ... I know it seems very insignificant to a lot of us, but it was such a cool day and fun to be part of it.

"The children are our future. If we can get those guys off to a bright note for the school year and get them excited about school, that's a good thing. We had quite a bit of White Sox fans there, and it was fun for me to spend some time with those guys and let them know we care about what they are about to do."