Humber makes seamless return to 'pen

Humber makes seamless return to 'pen

Humber makes seamless return to 'pen
CHICAGO -- Philip Humber can add mind-reader to perfect game pitcher on his Major League resume. That trait showed up during the right-hander's first appearance out of the bullpen during the 2012 season on Tuesday night.

"I was already headed up to warm up before the phone rang," said Humber of his scoreless ninth, which began with a Tony Abreu leadoff double. "It's nice to have kind of been there before and thinking along with the manager and see how the game is going. You can kind of prepare yourself that way.

"It was a lot of fun. It's a different feel coming out of the bullpen as a starter. I enjoyed it."

Humber made his first two appearances for the White Sox as a reliever in 2011, but then joined the rotation for 26 starts. The right-hander was moved to the bullpen on Monday and could be used by manager Robin Ventura pretty much anywhere from long relief to occasionally working the ninth inning.

Humber is ready for the more immediate results achieved from pitching one inning instead of six or seven.

"You get a little bit more of an adrenaline rush or whatever, even though we were down three," said Humber, who has a 4.53 ERA over 26 career relief appearances. "At the same time, you know you go in and keep the score the same, we had a chance to come back there in the ninth inning.

"There a lot of different roles that I can be used as down there. It's a new challenge and I'm looking forward to it. You come to the ballpark every day knowing there's a chance you might impact the ballgame."