Ventura confident protest won't be upheld

Ventura confident protest won't be upheld

Ventura confident protest won't be upheld
CHICAGO -- White Sox manager Robin Ventura would be "surprised" if the Angels' protest of Friday's contest was upheld by Major League Baseball.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia played the game under protest after objecting to a first-inning fielder's choice at home plate, arguing that Paul Konerko ran inside the baseline during his last 45 feet to first and should have been ruled out for interference. Scioscia claimed the umpires confirmed Konerko was inside the baseline, but the return throw from catcher Chris Iannetta was offline to Albert Pujols anyway.

Crew chief Dana DeMuth told a pool reporter after Friday's game that Konerko "was no way interfering with the play at first."

"It's more of a judgment call anyway," Ventura said. "I get what [Scioscia] was trying to say, but I don't see it as affecting what happened.

"[Iannetta] just yanked it. Having playing third base, you get a lot of those anyway fielding bunts and throwing it up the line. We'll see what happens."

A smiling Ventura admitted that he wouldn't have been long for Friday's game if that first-inning call was overturned.

"You have a better chance of getting that call if you hit [the runner]," Ventura said. "It doesn't always happen, I've seen a ball hit somebody and they don't call it. It's tough to run down the line in that box and touch first without breaking your ankle, too. It's one of those, it's a different kind of play."