Williams: Liriano the right pitcher to reach goal

Williams: Liriano the right pitcher to reach goal

CHICAGO -- There were other pitchers on the market that the White Sox could have pursued before trading for Francisco Liriano. But according to general manager Ken Williams, Liriano made the best sense to help them find success in the playoffs and not just get to the playoffs.

"While there might be some other guys out there who were available, I just felt that Liriano's one that all he really has to do is be in the strike zone on a more consistent basis," Williams said. "[White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper] and I have been through this drill before. There were some very immediate and obvious things that we felt could get him in that zone a little bit more and that's all it takes, and I think he can be an impact guy.

"Now you put him into a situation where he's in a roll and we're in the playoffs, he can shut somebody down and he can shut anybody down if he's right. We're [going] after the big prize and not just to get in to say, 'Ooh, we've been to the playoffs.' That's never been our goal."

During trade talks, Williams made it clear very early on to other teams that he wasn't about to mess with the chemistry on the field.

"You don't get into overhauling something that's working," Williams said.