Williams monitoring waiver wire quietly

Williams monitoring waiver wire quietly

Williams monitoring waiver wire quietly
CHICAGO -- Don't look for quotes from Ken Williams about continued help he might be seeking for his American League Central leaders via the waiver wire during the month of August.

That talk would be somewhat disrespectful to the players currently on the roster who have brought the 2012 team to their lofty perch. But that respect factor doesn't preclude the White Sox general manager from keeping more than an eye open for that one extra piece that could push the team to greater postseason glory.

"It's a mistake to sit in this chair and feel like there's not one more move to make," said Williams. "So, I will constantly challenge our staff to find that one more move, that difference maker.

"Sometimes the difference maker isn't an impact player. Sometimes it's a fit here or there. That's the best way I can put it. We are always looking for that one more move."

Waiver wire decisions present an interesting game within the game as to whether a team should claim a player as a potential block or let him possibly fall to another contender. But with the White Sox pretty well set across the diamond, don't look for an Alex Rios-type of talent or contract to be added like he was on Aug. 10, 2009.

"This is a different situation because we are where we are and we don't have a lot of positions where if you claim somebody they're going to come in and play," Williams said. "And then once you start talking about those possibilities you take away, I think, from your club and the people that have brought you to this point.

"So I'd rather not get into it and talk about it. We have what we have right here and we'll fight together with these guys. You certainly don't want to allow teams with better records than you to capitalize on players. The fortunate thing when you're on top of your division is you're darn near last in the claiming order. So it helps me from doing something stupid."

Williams admitted to monetary constraints making potential additions more challenging, as he was able to get money included in deals for Kevin Youkilis and Brett Myers. But he won't use it as an excuse.

"We are where we are. You haven't heard any crying from us," Williams said. "We're grinding it out, just like we're asking the players to grind it out. It's up to us to do the same thing.

"You first identify the possibilities that are out there and try to be as resourceful as you can to make it happen. Some times you're more successful than others."