Danks to have shoulder surgery on Monday

Danks to have shoulder surgery on Monday

CHICAGO -- John Danks will be at Rush University Surgical Center by 6 CT Monday morning in preparation for exploratory surgery on his left shoulder.

"I'm not exactly excited about going in, but I'm ready for it to be fixed and healed and get moving on with just getting back to being healthy," the White Sox pitcher said. "That's kind of the key. It's been so long since I've been truly healthy. I'm excited about getting everything fixed and kind of starting clean next year."

Danks, 27, has been out of action with a left shoulder strain since beating the Cubs on May 19 at Wrigley Field. He was on board with trying to treat the strain non-surgically, but as he told MLB.com recently, there comes a time where he had to start focusing on getting healthy for 2013.

In talking with the doctors, who will fix whatever problem they find, Danks remains confident that the injury won't be serious enough to cost him much or all of next season.

"They've looked at it; they're going to look at it tomorrow," said Danks. "I don't anticipate there being anything other than what they think there is.

"I don't have any other reason to believe otherwise. We won't really know until we get in there tomorrow."