Danks acknowledges surgery may be option

Danks acknowledges surgery may be option

Danks acknowledges surgery may be option
ARLINGTON -- After throwing 30 pitches off the mound Friday, White Sox left-hander John Danks was able to come back and play catch on Saturday in his ongoing rehab for a left shoulder strain.

"It's about as good as expected," Danks said. "So it's a good thing I guess."

This slight overall improvement for Danks during his nine weeks since last taking the mound on May 19 against the Cubs at Wrigley Field has brought about a feeling of utter frustration for the veteran. But with just two months left in the season, time also has become a constraint.

If Danks and the White Sox decide that there's not enough time or enough improvement for him to help this season, then the focus quickly moves to 2013. That shift also could bring about surgery to fix his shoulder, as Danks acknowledged to MLB.com on Saturday.

"We have to start thinking about if it's looking like I can't help this year, which I'm not saying, there is a point where you have to start looking at the bigger picture and worrying about next year," Danks said. "We have to make a move. Something has got to happen to make it start feeling better.

"Obviously, I've said it before, I thought I would be back by now. It just hasn't progressed quite like we thought it would. I don't know if we are quite to the surgery part yet. Certainly there is a time where you got to do something.

"Trust me, it's no fun sitting here and if that's the best available option to get it fixed and be ready for Spring Training, then, you know, I'm all for it," Danks said. "No one wants to be cut on, but if what we are doing is not working, then you have to look at other options."

The new plan involving Danks is to reduce long toss and just focus on getting him ready to throw 60 feet, 6 inches and be able to pitch in games, hopefully by September. With strength an issue after his prolonged inactivity, Danks almost needs another Spring Training build-up that would include a number of Minor League rehab starts.

According to Danks, simulated games would also work if the Minor League season ran short. But what Danks wants to avoid is waiting too long and having some sort of potential procedure cut into a healthy start to the 2013 season.

"At this point, it's whatever will get me on the field," Danks said. "You hate to think of the worst-case scenarios but there definitely comes a point where we definitely have to start thinking about next year. If we don't start making some drastic improvement, we might have to do something.

"In a perfect world, we don't have to cross that bridge, but it is what it is. We are going on eight or nine weeks now and it hasn't gotten a ton better.

"Me being able to bounce back a little bit today might have helped," Danks said. "Definitely there is a point, whether it be mid-August or the first of September, whatever it is, where if I'm not doing a lot more, we might have to look into other options."