White Sox strong work ethic starts with Ventura

White Sox strong work ethic starts with Ventura

CHICAGO -- Wednesday's 5-4 victory over the Rangers in 10 innings marked the halfway point of the season for the White Sox and improved their record to 44-37. They also held a two-game lead in the American League Central entering Thursday's series finale.

It's not the lead or the record that impresses White Sox manager Robin Ventura. It's more about the process for success.

"For me, it's the effort guys bring every day," Ventura said. "We've had individual guys do a lot of great things. As a team coming in every day, just their attitude.

"Every day is a different day, no matter what they did the night before. They still come in with the same energy every day to win that game, instead of sitting on what they did for the last week."

White Sox players have given credit for this daily focus to Ventura and his new coaching staff.

"They have to see us doing it the same way as a staff that we come in every day; it's not something you declare," Ventura said. "If there are mistakes made the night before, you don't hold it against a guy for him playing.

"We're all doing it together. It's not something you just tell a guy and they're going to do it."