Quentin exploring all recovery options

Quentin exploring all recovery options

CHICAGO -- Whether he's putting up statistics worthy of American League Most Valuable Player consideration or currently trying to battle back from a fracture in his right wrist, Carlos Quentin's intense approach does not change.

"I've explored different ways of trying to heal faster," said Quentin, speaking to the media on Tuesday morning, one day after having successful outpatient surgery to put a pin into the injured area.

"I'm doing that now, looking at different options," Quentin added. "It's nothing crazy, but anything you can think of and brainstorm to heal faster. And the trainers are thinking of ways, too. So we're giving it time to heal and see what happens."

Quentin reported that everything went great with Monday's surgical procedure, and he added that the pin option was chosen in order to help speed up the healing process and allow the bone to fuse faster. That particular method stands as the first step in Quentin's burning desire to get back as soon as medically possible.

Those alternative options include hyperbaric-type stuff, eating the right diet and supplements and use of a bone stimulator. In two or three weeks, when the progress of Quentin's wrist is checked, the All-Star left fielder will have a better idea of where he stands.

"Right now it's just healing, so I'll keep my fingers crossed and do all I can to heal as fast as possible," Quentin said. "I'm sure it's not the first time an athlete has tried to figure out as many ways as possible to heal, but I'll exhaust them all and see if my body responds."

If Quentin gets the go-ahead to come back after two or three weeks, he said there was no certainty how quickly he could get back to his 36-homer, 100-RBI form after the period of inactivity. By the end of the week, Quentin is looking to be in a splint and resuming some cardio work.

He also plans to work in with his pitchers' bullpen schedules in order to keep his eyes sharp and take one-handed swings to keep his game in shape. Manager Ozzie Guillen understands that if the White Sox make the playoffs, it will give Quentin a better shot to return.

Then again, as long as the White Sox skipper is told Quentin is healthy and ready, he will put Quentin back into action.

"That's my job," Guillen said. "If I get a different opinion from the doctors or [White Sox athletic trainer Herm Schneider] or him, that he can't play, then we'll be careful.

"It depends on what position we're in when he comes back. If we're out of the race, then no. If we're in the race, then we'll take the chance."

Scott Merkin is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.