A.J., Washington defuse All-Star snub talk

A.J., Washington defuse All-Star snub talk

A.J., Washington defuse All-Star snub talk
CHICAGO -- Just two days after White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski groused about being left off the American League All-Star team by Rangers manager Ron Washington, the two saw each other in person at U.S. Cellular Field.

The White Sox hosted the Rangers for the first game of a three-game series in the week leading up to the All Star break, but neither Pierzynski nor Washington was in the mood to continue the discussion.

Washington had singled out Pierzynski as a deserving player by the numbers. Washington instead took Minnesota's Joe Mauer as the third catcher behind the Rangers' Mike Napoli (the fans' vote winner) and Baltimore's Matt Wieters (players' vote winner).

Pierzynski initially bristled at the idea of Washington feeling bad about not including him, but said it was a non-issue.

"I'm kind of over the whole All-Star thing," said the White Sox catcher, who entered Tuesday's game hitting .285 with 14 home runs and 45 RBIs. "It's nice to hear [Washington's comments], but it doesn't change anything. I'm looking forward to four days at my house and getting away from baseball and seeing all my family."

Washington was equally tight-lipped about the perceived snub.

"I was asked the question, I brought up Pierzynski's name," Washington said. "I said what I said from my heart and I have no more comment on it. That's about it."

Washington was also asked if he'd consider Pierzynski to fill any potential openings on the team that might occur over the next week -- a possibility the White Sox catcher said he wasn't even thinking about.

"[I've] just got to see where that spot opens up," Washington said.

White Sox manager Robin Ventura, himself a former All-Star third baseman, said he understands both sides of the issue.

"He deserves to go, but this happens every year and it's happened for years and years and years," Ventura said. "He deserves to go. He's played great. But unless they expand the rosters, this is going to be something we're going to be talking about all the time. Alex [Rios] is the same way. He has numbers and has played as well as anyone in right field. It happens every year. It just so happens we have two of them on this team."