Peavy: We can't let Youk trade rumors affect play

Peavy: We can't let Youk trade rumors affect play

CHICAGO -- The trade rumors swirling around Boston third baseman Kevin Youkilis and the White Sox were interrupted Sunday afternoon when Youkilis started for the Red Sox.

But the White Sox pursuit of Youkilis, despite financial constraints previously addressed by general manager Ken Williams, and the Red Sox not being likely to pick up all the money owed to him this season proves one point true yet again. Winning comes first and above all else on the South Side.

"They understand as well as we do [that] we have some key injuries but we're still playing well and hanging in there in this thing," said White Sox starting pitcher Jake Peavy, a trade deadline acquisition from the Padres in 2009. "They're no different than we are: they believe we have a chance to get this thing done."

Entering Sunday's series finale with the Brewers, Robin Ventura's crew trailed the first-place Indians by one-half game and held a three-game lead over the heavily favored Tigers in the American League Central. Youkilis would appear to be an upgrade over the White Sox replacements at third with Brent Morel out of action due to a lumbar back strain, but the White Sox can't get caught up in the 'what-if' game where Youkilis' potential addition is concerned.

"It's always nice when there is speculation, but at the same time you can't buy into it or let it affect you as a player," Peavy said. "You have to worry about what we have here and we're excited about that.

"You read and hear a lot. I guess the biggest thing to do is to wait and see what happens. We've said it before: we feel like we have enough here to get it done. If they see fit that we need to make a move to get better, I think everybody would welcome that and get excited."