Williams sees stability under Ventura

Williams sees stability under Ventura

CHICAGO -- General manager Ken Williams isn't one to give out grades to the people working with him, especially with a little less than two-thirds of the season remaining. But one look at the White Sox sitting atop the American League Central makes it easy to give manager Robin Ventura an A.

"It's pretty obvious we're in position to compete for a division championship," Williams said. "It's a stability that we needed. He was the right guy at the right time, and I think his coaching staff is a complement to him and gives our players the best chance to just be who they are. You see a lot of guys who are just comfortable in that clubhouse and who are motivated in that clubhouse to achieve for themselves but for this staff as well."

Williams quickly pointed out that the catcher and manager are the most second-guessed people on the field. He then added that Sunday marked the first time Williams had a "little mini-discussion" in regards to the thought process in a certain game situation. Williams didn't elaborate, but the discussion figured to center on Ventura removing Jose Quintana at just 77 pitches and after eight scoreless innings thrown against the Dodgers to go to closer Addison Reed.

Reed had not blown a save in eight previous opportunities before giving up one run in the ninth during a game the White Sox would lose, 2-1, in 10 innings.

"He always has good answers, though, when we discuss the happenings of the day," said Williams of Ventura.

"You had yourself in a position to win it, it just didn't happen," said Ventura of Sunday. "I trust Addy going in the ninth inning. It's going to happen again and he's going to go back out there. Nobody's ever been 100 percent being a closer. I still have confidence in him doing that. It just happens, and they're a good team. It just shows you have to get the last out to win those games."