Matheny sees plenty of confidence in White Sox

Matheny sees plenty of confidence in White Sox

ST. LOUIS -- Following the White Sox 6-1 victory over the Cardinals on Tuesday, St. Louis manager Mike Matheny pointed out a crucial difference between the two teams.

"You can see one team with a lot of confidence, just the way they walk onto the field and the way they play the game," said Matheny of the White Sox. "And you're seeing a team on the other side, not so much. Those are things, in my opinion, that start at the top."

White Sox manager Robin Ventura was asked about that White Sox confidence on Wednesday, and he said he sees it now with his American League Central-leading squad. He smiled when it was suggested that the confidence started with him and his staff, but rejected that idea, instead pointing out that you can't fake confidence as a player.

"They have tough games and win them or a tough series and you do well," Ventura said. "You run up against certain teams and play well.

"It starts building, and I think that's something that these guys have earned -- to be able to feel that way. It's nice that it's happening this early to be able to feel that way."