Williams focused on the present, not rumors

Williams focused on the present, not rumors

Williams focused on the present, not rumors
CHICAGO -- The trade rumor mill already has churned out Boston's Kevin Youkilis as a potential third-base fit for the White Sox, even with the Red Sox denying Youkilis is being actively shopped, the White Sox having a 9-1 record in games Orlando Hudson has started at third and a healthier Brent Morel on his way back from Minor League injury rehab.

If the White Sox do have any interest in the veteran or have checked in with the Red Sox about Youkilis, general manager Ken Williams isn't talking. In fact, his attitude has staunchly remained the same as the one espoused two weeks back at Wrigley Field, where his primary concern is the game at hand and the players in the clubhouse pushing the White Sox into the American League Central lead.

"These are the guys we are going with today," said Williams, turning to the bulletin board in the White Sox clubhouse and pointing to the printed out starting lineup. "This is the game we are worried about today.

"As for any adjustments that may need to be made, one way or the other, we'll deal with that when the time comes. That's what we are doing."

Williams always has been an aggressive man in charge, willing to make that bold in-season move to take his team from contender to champion. That demeanor hasn't changed, but Williams actually prefers the outlook frequently spoken about by manager Robin Ventura in going one day at a time.

"That's one of the things that we had some synergy on when I sat down and talked to him," Williams said. "Everything that we are trying to do around here, we are trying to do as a group. The players certainly see what we are trying to do and have bought into it.

"We are a team that is about as professional and workmanlike as they come. For me to start talking about making changes is inconsistent with what I've asked of them."

Waking up and seeing the White Sox atop the division certainly isn't a bad thing, and Williams will upgrade where need be for a team without many glaring holes to stay in control. But the Mariners are his sole concern on Saturday.

"You still can't forsake the process and how that's happened," Williams said. "That's through an attitude that has been as workmanlike, as professional and focused on the day's work as you can possibly be."