Danks nearing return or rehab starts

Danks nearing return or rehab starts

Danks nearing return or rehab starts
CHICAGO -- Southpaw John Danks (left shoulder strain) would like to return from the 15-day disabled list on Monday and start for the White Sox on Wednesday against the Blue Jays. But the southpaw isn't in charge of said schedule.

All Danks can control is how his left shoulder feels. And after throwing 20 pitches on the side Friday, featuring his fastball and changeup, Danks gave both a physical and verbal thumbs-up.

"I felt good, and I'm making progress," Danks said. "I haven't been told a schedule or anything, but I'll try to throw another side Sunday. Hopefully, I feel up to throwing some curveballs and some cutters and then we can go from there. Another positive step for sure. I feel better even than I did in [St. Petersburg], so it's a good thing.

"At this point last week I wouldn't be able to do what I just did today. It's definitely a positive. We'll see how it feels Sunday."

Sunday's side session could dictate whether Danks needs a Minor League injury rehab stint or can come immediately back to the Majors.

"If that's still a question, I would imagine so," Danks said. "I would imagine that would dictate that, but hopefully it feels good and we can avoid that.

"I'll do whatever they tell me to do. If they want me to go down there and throw a game or two, so be it. I'm making progress. Like I said, hopefully, it'll feel well enough to spin some and then hopefully I can impress them enough they'll just let me go out there and throw."