Daily focus sharp for White Sox, Ventura

Daily focus sharp for White Sox, Ventura

ST. PETERSBURG -- The idea of "just taking it one day at a time" is a timeless cliche in sports, but it's also been a major part of White Sox manager Robin Ventura's leadership this season.

Ventura has emphasized the club's day-to-day work since Spring Training, and general manager Ken Williams credited some of the club's early success -- and the five-game winning streak it carried into Monday's series opener at Tropicana Field -- to Ventura's focused approach and the players' willingness to adopt the same mentality and focus on the fundamentals of the game.

"You're certainly pleased when you see what's transpired the last number of days," Williams said. "We're focused on the day to day. ... It's just all about the daily grind, and today we've got the Rays. We'll do the best we can."

Ventura said he entered his first year as a Major League manager with that mindset, and he's been impressed with his players' ability to simplify all their responsibilities into a singular focus on winning each day.

"Coaching-wise, you sometimes have to look ahead and plan for it," Ventura said. "But when you come to the park that day, everybody's here and the focus is just on what we're doing that day."