Danks feels improvement after soft toss

Danks feels improvement after soft toss

CHICAGO -- The soft toss thrown by John Danks prior to Sunday's series finale at U.S. Cellular Field served as a good baseline for the left-hander to figure out where he's at in regard to his shoulder strain.

"It felt better than it did a few days ago, so that's a good sign," said Danks, who was placed on the disabled list prior to Friday's contest. "I didn't want to cut it loose, I didn't want to push it too much.

"But it was definitely a positive. It felt good and we're making improvement. My goal is to try and get on my regular side routine and hopefully stay in good enough shape that I can come back in 15 days and pitch."

Danks would be eligible to return from the disabled list on June 4, which is an off-day, but he hopes to move back into the rotation without a Minor League rehab assignment. His plan was to play catch again Monday in Tampa and then try to stay where he was with his side routine as the pain subsides.

"I was feeling it kind of down my arm and that's gone," said Danks, who still feels it a little bit in his shoulder. "So I guess that means it's getting better."