Viciedo overcoming early offensive slump

Viciedo overcoming early offensive slump

CHICAGO -- As recently as May 13, Dayan Viciedo was hitting .196. But the left fielder never lost his confidence or belief that his bat would come around and he has been rewarded with a .390 stretch over his last 11 games including six homers and 13 RBIs after adding a mammoth two-run shot in the seventh during Friday's 9-3 victory over the Indians.

Viciedo admitted Friday that the recent stretch of warm weather provides more of a personal comfort zone, since he grew up in Cuba. He added that the mental part of his five-week slump was tougher than the physical part.

"It's definitely more mental," said Viciedo through translator and White Sox director of cultural development Jackson Miranda. "The reason it's more mental is because you have 1,000 things running through your head at one time. When you do that, it just too jumbled. Once you kind of get out of that, everything kind of slows down.

"I wasn't too down on myself because I knew the potential I had. I knew I needed to do some things to kind of get out of it. It's just all about putting in the work. It's just a matter of time for me to get out of it."

That dedication and extra work is all Viciedo believes he would need to move from left field back to third base. For now, he's not taking any pregame grounders at third and focused totally on the outfield.