Reed all about it: Addison is closer

Reed all about it: Addison is closer

CHICAGO -- Robin Ventura admitted before Wednesday's game that Addison Reed has become his closer. It wasn't exactly a well-kept secret with four of Reed's last six outings producing saves.

"He's earned that, and I feel comfortable putting him in there," said Ventura of his top-notch rookie. "That's who we'd be using if we're winning.

"Some nights he's up at 98 and some nights he's 96, but he's still pretty good. Even when you look at him and think he didn't have it, he's got it."

Reed told over the weekend that he basically gets ready to pitch any time after the fifth. But he didn't try to hide the fact of wanting that ninth inning. Now, he'll have the consistent opportunities.

"From Spring Training on, every time you hand him the ball, he's not overwhelmed by any situation," Ventura said.