Morel sidelined by nagging back pain

Morel sidelined by nagging back pain

CHICAGO -- After receiving a cortisone shot during a White Sox off-day on May 10, Brent Morel reported his back pain and tightness feeling considerably better. That pain returned enough over the past two days to have Morel scratched from Friday's lineup and most likely leave him inactive for the entire weekend unless there's an emergency situation.

"Yeah, when I bend and rotate and everything," said Morel of when his back hurts. "I don't know what happened [after the shot]. Just, it felt good for three days there and kind of took about two days to get back to where it is today."

Morel also had a MRI, which showed a bulging disk that he was told would not require surgery. He said that there are a few things being played with to try to get him healthy but the disabled list is a possibility.

This recurring injury to Morel is a contributing factor to the White Sox agreeing to terms with veteran utility infielder Orlando Hudson.

"I don't know if we're going to take the weekend off and then Monday [an off-day], so it's four days and go from there," Morel said. "We're just waiting to see.

"It's tough. I was starting to feel good and swing hard and felt normal for a couple days there and then it's right back to where it is now. Hopefully, it's something I can fix and play the rest of the year being fine."