White Sox dealing with 'weird' schedule

White Sox dealing with 'weird' schedule

ANAHEIM -- White Sox manager Robin Ventura has a simple rule for when the schedule doesn't fall in his team's favor, as is the case this week.

"I don't make it, I just set an itinerary and then let's go," Ventura said.

Still, this week's travel schedule for the White Sox is a bit perplexing. They played two games to start the week at home against Detroit. Then the club flew to Anaheim, where they opened a two-game set on Wednesday, and then they fly back for a weekend series at Wrigley against the Cubs.

Ventura opted to leave Friday's starter Phil Humber in Chicago when the team went to Anaheim. Typically, when a starter is scheduled to pitch the day after a travel day, they'll travel with the team, and then head home a day early.

But with a two-game set, Ventura didn't see much point in bringing Humber out to Anaheim for one day only.

Humber was the only pitcher the White Sox left behind, as Ventura noted the other starters still need to get their between-starts work in, and that's best accomplished with the full club.

"It's weird to play two games, especially the last couple days against teams that are in your division," Ventura said. "It's odd to have the two games with the Tigers and come out here for these two and then right back."