Konerko aware of Cubs' solid pitching

Konerko aware of Cubs' solid pitching

CHICAGO -- With four games prior to this weekend's three-game series at Wrigley Field, Paul Konerko smiled at the early arrival of the first Cubs-White Sox question. But the White Sox captain tackled the question anyway.

"About the only thing I can say is that they're pitching really well," said Konerko of the Cubs. "It seems like every time I turn it on, guys are throwing the ball well.

"I've obviously been in those series a long time. They're always good because it always breaks it up for the guys. It's not the playoffs, but it's kind of somewhere in between the regular season and playoffs. It always kind of has that feel, it's heightened."

Konerko is not a fan of this rivalry being played in May, stating that it should be saved for the summer. But having the three games at Wrigley this weekend at least should avoid some of the traffic coming from the NATO Summit at McCormick Place on the city's south side.

"What's good for me is I live closer, I might be on foot the whole time," said a smiling Konerko. "I don't have to come south at all."