White Sox Volunteer Corps doing good work

White Sox Volunteer Corps doing good work

CHICAGO - The fourth year of the White Sox Volunteer Corps officially launched Saturday morning, with more than 300 members of this highly honored group helping to beautify and improve Kozminski Community Academy in Chicago.

Those dedicated members of the Corps were joined by White Sox players Zach Stewart, Hector Santiago, Alex Rios, Addison Reed and Tyler Flowers, who did everything from painting to landscaping to light construction.

Stewart worked with Flowers and did quite a bit of painting, before staining a couple of shelves. The young pitcher was impressed by the large group in attendance to help out.

"Oh, man it was cool to see that many people there, working out on a Saturday, and just actually putting in the time to volunteer and do that stuff," Stewart said. "They were there all day.

"They were there since 8 or 9 [in the] morning. We show up for like 1 1/2 hours or two hours here and there. But those are the guys really putting in the time and effort."

This White Sox Volunteer Corps was selected as the 2011 recipient of the Commissioner's Award for Philanthropic Excellence, which was created to recognize outstanding community efforts of an MLB Club. Over 5,000 fans have signed up for the Corps and since 2009, it has presented 18,000 service hours valued at $400,000 in labor.